6 Best iPhone Utility Apps That You Must Use in 2019.


In this article, you can expect more information on the main applications for iPhone in the utility category. We present applications characterized by amazing design, first impression, features, and popularity. Last but not least, a blending of these valuable properties.

If you want to increase your productivity, use these applications and simply have fun, we recommend these iPhone applications in 2019 which you’ll surely like.

1. Apple Reminder:

One of the biggest trends for me personally in this year is the way I trust multiple applications uploaded on Apple App Store. I have moved back to Apple Notes, Apple Calendar, Apple Siri and Apple Contacts. Apple Reminder application is yet are another newbie in my list. It is developed on iOS and it is a free application.

This application works easily on iOS, MacOS and Web, which means that you can access it anywhere and synchronize it with iCloud.

From the graphics point of view, it is very well designed. The original design simplifies the display of all your lists and selects things that you require the most. Although the vertical tab interface will stop if it has more than 10 lists, it is ideal for tracking certain lists.

This application works easily on iOS, MacOS and Web, which means that you can access it anywhere and synchronize it with iCloud.


2. Uber Eats

Ordering delicious food is easy with Uber Eats, especially if you’ve already used Uber. Go through the menu of available restaurants to request and pay directly through the application by linking any available payment method.

Next, you will receive an approximate delivery time and you will be able to track the live information of your order in real time.

If you trust Uber to drive safely to the city, you can be sure that they will deliver your food without any problem. The Uber Eats application is an independent application that is available in a majority of the cities, including Mumbai and Delhi.

Although Uber Eats and Uber are different applications, they have many of the same characteristics of estimated delivery times and easy payment option.

Ordering delicious food is easy with Uber Eats, especially if you’ve already used Uber. 

Point to Note:

3. Just Dial App:

The official JustDial application that is developed for iPhone smartphone is simple, interactive and intuitive, so you can easily search for activities, products or services in your locality. Now use your #1 Indian search engine directly from your iPhone device.

Some of the main features of this application are: – Find outlets in the US and India, integrated GPS functionality to get results based on your current location, provide results via SMS or email and add the list of companies almost instantly.

4. LastPass App:

LastPass is a great password manager application that can create and save user’s passwords. Users can also safely store information and notes of your credit card.

All this is safe behind a master password (Pro tip: you must never forget your master password) It is a powerful app that is mainly used for the growing need for privacy and security.

5. Asana

The Asana iPhone app simplifies the monitoring of the status of your work team, both on the road and outside the office.

As a collaborative work management application, Asana iOS App most of the time contains a lot of information. The design of the software allows you to easily see what you need, if you only have a small screen.

The flexibility to help you manage projects and current work makes it one of the best productivity applications available for iPhone.

6. Microsoft Office Word

Word, PowerPoint and Excel for iPhone now support co-authorship, which, according to Microsoft, will facilitate the collaboration of users in the documents.

Previously, during the beta testing phase, this function indicated who was still working with you in a file where they were present in the document and highlighted the changes.

Specifically, for OneDrive, Microsoft has redesigned the application with an enhanced list view that shows file names, date, size, information exchange, and more.

In addition, OneDrive now supports the application of native files in iOS 11, which means that users can easily access, edit and save OneDrive or SharePoint from any iPhone App that is integrated with iOS.


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