Top 6 Entertainment Android Apps You Must Have in 2019


It’s been almost ten years since the Android operating system for smartphones was launched and the journey so far is extremely nice. There is a number of applications that are available in the official app store of the Android OS. Some of them are really popular, and some are not that good.

The issue is that there are too many entertainment applications available in the market right now. So, we have prepared a list of top 6 entertainment application that you must surely have in your smartphone in 2019.

1. Google Play Music

This is our favorite app to enjoy free music now. It offers a completely legal list that allows you to listen to free music from great artists.

Spotify has an excellent paid subscription service and there are a number of songs available on other websites as well, but to actually load the songs that are actually on your phone, the music on Google Play is all you need.

Even if normal music apps on your Android smartphone are mostly doing a nice job, if you want to ride a bass or other music, you need more powerful music player.

We surely recommend apps other than Google Play and yes I am talking about Poweramp. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy good music with a variety of features for almost all types of music files.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud (link) is a great app that creates and searches for sounds. The highlight is mainly on music that allows you to see professional and amateur musicians and listen to the new music that has been released.

You can also listen to audio that are liked by other users, such as news and humour programs and much more.

What you want to hear is to look for certain music sequences, some of which are not available easily on the other platform. But listening to the music is only half the story, because if you were so inclined to get your own music or other audio content, publishing it is also a good option with SoundCloud.

3. Netflix:

Despite some kind of issues with the quality of its movies and series, Netflix (link) commands a full view of the online entertainment industry. But it’s a known fact that Hulu offers more TV programs and more versatile films, many Netflix movies and TV channels are still very important and popular. They also creates their own content, including comedies, plays and series. Some shows have become a cultural phenomenon as claimed by Netflix.

There’s a monthly subscription, and if you really don’t like to wait for television shows, Netflix it worth every penny, and they add new content every time including new movies and TV shows, so you’ll probably never run out of entertainment.

4. Shazam:

Shazam is a great music and audio recognition app that instantly recognises music in its own environment and it is also used by many music lovers all over the world.

All you have to do is keep your Android smartphone close to the desired song, and in seconds, an application will identify the name of that song accurately. In addition, you can also play songs and include it to Spotify playlists, purchase music from Google Play with a single click, etc.

5. Apple Music

Apple Music for Android is a surprisingly refreshing addiction to the right people, music journalists whose ideal job is to find new music and songs lists and choose the music that is liked by majority of people.

A great feature is that Apple can sync iTunes music with songs from your Apple Music Library. This includes a playlist of music purchased from a library of each song purchased on iTunes and available at the Apple Music Library. Even if you have not played any song for years, it can be a nostalgic journey for users, what say?

6. Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime Video Interface is not the best for instant discovery of content. On the other hand, there are many other ways of filtering the terms that alter movies and shows: examining the greatness of the genre, the mood (as dark, sensuous or unusual), the subject (like hard or forced types), the actor or the director. 

If you have a specific idea or what you are looking for, this has no problem. But at least in the desktop version, there are no good recommendations (though we put them in the app for iPhone), so it’s harder to find something new for user if they do not know what they are actually looking for. Also, you do not get as much information about each program as you get while using Netflix.


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