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An App marketplace is a store from where you can download all your favorite apps and games. The most common place to install apps is the official App Stores available such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. In this post, we will talk about an alternative app store which is Aptoide for iPhone.

Aptoide is an alternative to the official app store for installing apps and games. Some smartphone users can’t afford the paid apps and games on the official app stores so they turn to alternatives such as Aptoide. Here, you can get all the paid apps and games for free.

In this post, we are going to talk about how you can get Aptoide for iPhone and get free apps and games.

Aptoide for iPhone Aptoide iOS Download

Aptoide for iPhone

Aptoide has been available on the Android platform natively and it is also widely popular. iOS users also want to use it so that they don’t have to pay for all the paid apps and games. Now, the problem is that Aptoide for iPhone isn’t available on the iOS platforms. So we have a list of some other alternative app stores that’ll help you out.

  • TutuApp: This is probably the most popular alternate iOS App Store. It is available in free and paid version. The latter is a bit more stable, but the features are almost same. You can install paid apps and games from this store and don’t have to spend a single penny.
  • PandaHelper: This one is paid and you will have to pay a yearly fee to use it. Since the fee is affordable, you can bank on this app store to be reliable.
  • TweakBox: This is a one of a kind App Store for iOS users and a great alternative to Aptoide iOS. In addition to free paid apps and games, you can also install tweaked and hacked apps and games. With them, you get more features than the normal version which is an added bonus.

So, instead of Aptoide, you can get install these Alternative App Store and download all your favorite Apps and games.

In this article on Aptoide for iPhone, we have explained how to get yourself a third-party App Store. All the 3 alternate app marketplaces are great and popular. If you have face any hurdles while installing them, we will help you out at AptoideApp.